The Paramount Hudson Valley Theater

May 19, 2018

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Video highlights of this special night!

Stephen's Opening Remarks

Dr. Matt Bellace, Author, Psychologist, Comedian

Peers Alumni, Anthony Casio and Josh Heller

Peers: A Look at the first Ten Years

Sol Miranda, Of television and film and Co-founder of Embark

Go For It!!

Gianna Sings, "Nothing Can Bring You Harm"

Peers Youth Receive their Recognition and Obie Awards

Andrew Jenks, Award winning filmmaker and Peers Alumni

Peers Original Screenplays: A Quick Look

Honorary Obie Awards

Samantha Sklaar and Alex Rivera, Peers Alumni

The Honorable Andre Rainey, Mayor of Peekskill

"Chasing My Life", written, composed and performed by Michael Ferraiuolo

Mike Masi and Jessica DeNoia, Peers Alumni

Peers Documentary Films: a Quick Look of 25 years of filmmaking

Buck Heller and Frank Reale Co-founders of Peers close the evening